Premium Conservatory Solutions to Make It a Useful Space

As temperatures continue to rise over the summer many people are finding their conservatories unbearably hot, resembling more of a green house than a garden room.

Despite offering valuable extra space, conservatories are all too often either too hot or too cold; reducing the usability of the room.  Window dressings such as pleated blinds or rollers are a great solution but due to the high percentage of glass in a conservatory, any window dressing can be quite costly.

One solution that has become more and more popular over the past few years are the addition of window films to glass in conservatories. These are extremely flexible as they can be put on both glass or polycarbonate roofs and windows and are much more cost effective than fitting a full room of blinds.

Window films are effective at both retaining the heat in the winter and reflecting the sun in the summer so offer a great all year round solution without covering up your windows.  With rising energy costs ahead of the winter, now is the time to consider installing window film.  Read on to find out more.....

How it works

EnviroFilm is a specialist film that attaches to your glass with an adhesive that is installed by a team of experts.  It is installed internally to the underside of your existing roof or the inside of your windows.  Once installed it reflects radiant heat from the source - that being in the summertime from the sun or the wintertime from the internally generated heat. 

EnviroFilm is easy to maintain; it can be cleaned with a quick wipe of a damp cloth and is therefore practically maintenance free.  Once ordered, as a UK sourced product, EnviroFilm takes only 2-4 weeks until installation meaning you can benefit from the energy efficiency savings before this winter.  Most installations are completed in a day.

 Does it work?

Yes - we guarantee it!  EnviroFilm is one of those products that does as it says on the box.  We can provide you with tested statistics as part of your quotation. EnviroFilm will enable you to utilise your conservatory more comfortably at all times of the year.  The product is guaranteed for 10 years. 

The Benefits

EnviroFilm retains the aesthetics of your window, whilst protecting against heat and glare throughout the summer months.  In wintertime EnviroFilm provides a Low-e coating to the vast expanse of glass, reducing your energy bills. 

EnviroFilm can also help to reduce glare on TV and computer screen by 82%. This enables you to see screens clearly so those room with large glass expanses can become more of a multi functioning space, especially for those still working at home.

What type of film is suitable for my room?

EnviroFilm comes in a few different thicknesses and variations of transparency. Below are a few commonly asked questions that may help you to determine the best film for your room but you will receive advice on the best products for you when your home is surveyed.

I have a very sunny room that needs protecting from heavy sun damage? The completely transparent Enviro Clarity Low-e Fade Protector is the most suitable product in this scenario, providing 99% UV block.  This will protect any fabrics and furniture from sun damage.  If more heat and glare reflection is required then the Enviro Ultra UV may be a better option for you.

I have a large glass fronted house and I am over looked, what about privacy? There are three options if you require more privacy, there is the Enviro Neutral which is the more transparent of the three, then the Enviro Cool Grey which also has a lovely grey hue to the film for a sleek look, and finally the Enviro Reflective which gives complete privacy as the outside is mirrored.  All options give you a clear view to the outside.

I have a polycarbonate roof not glass; can I still have EnviroFilm installed in my home? Yes of course!  For polycarbonate surfaces we use Enviro CoolKote Film. This is a 3-layer polymer film which houses an invisible solar membrane.  This provides a thermal barrier, protecting against heat loss through the roof in the winter and reflecting away heat and glare in the summer. 

I still want to be able to see into my garden, will the film effect this? The  films are transparent from the inside with 3 options for daytime privacy from the outside. 

For more in depth information about any of the EnviroFilm's properties, pleae see below a helpful and handy guide to all the individual films.

How do I get EnviroFilm installed in my home?

For a quick and easy quote, send us your measurements giving us the width and height for each window pane.  For roofs we will need the width and length, often it is easiest to measure your floor/walls than the roof itself if possible. 

Once we have provided you with an estimate, if you would like to proceed we will arrange for a full survey by our specialist EnviroFilm team.

For any further information please get in touch with us via email at or call us on 01270 625 062.